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Novatron (part of MOBA GROUP)

Earthmoving automation


Machine Control Systems 
There are three different systems which suits to all users needs. The most popular one is Xsite PRO 3D which could be implemented with all machines (like excavator, wheel loader, dozer, surface drill, piling rig). While Xsite PRO 2D adn Xsite Easy could be used with excavators only. 

Xsite® PRO 3D 

Top-quality 3D machine control system. Carry out even your most demanding projects without staking out.  

The easy-to-use Xsite® PRO 3D is full of intelligent features which make your work easier. The main function, such a model selectiion and fulfilment data storage, are behind one simple touch. The powerfull Xsite® PRO allows you to move even large 3D models on the system display and to view the entire working plan from your cabin. One single touch is all you need to shift from 3D mode to 2D mode to work with conventional methods, for example the laser. As our machine control system has been developed together with earthmovers and land surveyors for infrastructure construction needs, you can rest assured that with Xsite® PRO 3D you will always be in the lead. 



Xsite® PRO 2D 

Machine control system with a genuine 3D readiness. All you need for the upgrade are satellite positioning units and 3D software. 

Xsite® PRO with 3D readliness is a perfect way to be prepared for the need of 3D machine control. The system includes comprehensive 2D features and is quickly upgradable to a 3D machine control system. 

The genuine 3D readliness™ includes all the necessary componets, such as GNSS antenna masts and powerful computer equipment with a large touch screen. All you need are GNSS receivers and 3D software to have a precise 3D system. 


Xsite® Easy 

Simple 2D machine control system. Measure depth, distance and slope. 

Xsite® EASY is a simple machine control system that saves you time and money. The system shows you the elevation of your bucket at a centimetre's precision, so your work does not need to be interrupted in order to check it. Xsite® EASY is an excellent partner for earth-moving, with or without laser!






G2 inclination sensor 

Six degrees of freedom with minimal latency 

Small in size, yet full on high technology and performance. Our new generation of 3D orientation sensors give you a precise measuring information in almost real time.

The G2 sensors are factory calibrated and can be calibrated on field to any imaginable mounting orientation.

Robust cast aluminium housing with potted electronics make sure that the G2 sensor will endure even in the roughest conditions without losing its accuracy!


EL2 - Laser receiver 

The laser receiver allows you to move the machine on the site while keeping the original elevation. A laser set to a known site elevation can also be used as a reference level.


MCC 15 - Machine control computer 

Processor: AMD GX-441GA, 1.1 GHz quadruple core processor

Operating system: Windows Embedded Standard

SIM type: Mini SIM (“standard-sized”)

Data transmission: GSM / GPRS / EDGE / WCDMA / UMTS / HSPA / HSUPA / LTE (4G)

Loading/uploading speed: 100 Mbps/50 Mbps (max)


Display Unit

Size: 8.4″

Type: Touch screen / TFT-LCD

Resolution: 800×600

Interfaces: 2xUSB

Mounting: RAM mount




Site management

Xsite® BASE


Xsite® BASE is a modern office base station equipped with high quality components. The Xsite® BASE uses non proprietary RTK correction formats, so it is compatible with almost every machine control system on the market.

Xsite® BASE can send a correction signal either with its powerful, internal radio or via 4G modem. Thanks to the remote control possibility, updates, formatting and other actions are done quickly and easily. Xsite® BASE supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo satellites.


Xsite® PAD


Xsite® PAD is based on the information model-based LandNova 3D software and offers its users an efficient and seamless user experience with supreme infraBIM characteristics.

The Xsite® PAD contains the same top features as the Xsite® PRO 3D machine control system, but its functions are designed for the needs of surveyors, work management and other persons responsible for the operation of the worksite.


Xsite® ROVER

Leveraging the latest GNSS technologies, the Xsite® ROVER is a smart receiver of the next generation. The proven and outstanding performance and reliability makes it the preferred choice of surveyors and construction professionals.

The Xsite® ROVER benefits from a compact, ergonomic and rugged design with integrated sensors. (3,75G network modem, UFH Radio, Wifi, Bluetooth and e-bubble)

Supporting a sunlight readable LCD, the operating status of the receiver is available at a glance.


• Internal network and UHF modem
• 220 channels – Full GNSS
• GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo included
• Rugged IP67 Enclosure




We believe that end customers should have the freedom to choose the service experience that they prefer. Therefore, our strategy is to be open. We support open standards and open interfaces to enable smooth communication between site tools and heavy machinery.

Our expertise is strongly connected to our vision, earthmoving automation. Our field-proven solutions have been automating the earthmoving industry since the early 1990s.

We combine digitalization and robotization in a unique way. We offer open solutions for digitalizing earthmoving jobsites and robotizing earthmoving machinery.




Digitalization in the field of earthmoving means managing information in a smart way. The aim is that data flows seamlessly in a computer-readable manner from one software system to another and from one phase of a construction project to another.

We are talking about BIM, Building Information Modeling, or Building Information Management. Terms like InfraBIM or CIM (C for Civil or Construction) are also used.

Our solutions include machine control and machine guidance systems for heavy machinery and tools for site management. Our systems and tools are fully designed for open BIM workflow. They are based on open data formats and are recognized for their ability to take full advantage of information models for the benefit of all project stakeholders.




The level of automation in mobile machinery is increasing rapidly. Today we see a growing trend of machinery with semi-automatic functions, while in the long run, fully autonomous fleets will be the ultimate goal.

We offer technology for construction equipment manufacturers, machine dealers and rental companies to semi-automate their machinery. With our state-of-the-art sensor technology and sophisticated control algorithms, we can increase the productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability of machine work.