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Wingcopter front

Wingcopter High-Speed Hybrid Drone


Wingcopter 178

The Wingcopter 178 is a hybrid drone with a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) feature. This technology combines a multicopter for vertical take-off and landing with a fixed-wing aircraft for cruising and fast flying over long distances.

The VTOL feature of this UAV allows it to be deployed even in the most extreme terrains. Thanks to the new aerodynamic design and the innovative tilt motors, the Wingcopter remains stable in the air in any weather condition. The Wingcopter offers autonomous and intuitive controls for take-off and landing as well as for flying over long distances. In addition, the customer can choose between a wide range of sensors, such as high-end camera systems, thermographic/ multi-spectral cameras and transportation boxes that can be attached underneath the platform. Depending on the payload, the system can cover a range of up to 100 km.

The Wingcopter high-speed hybrid drone combines the advantages of a copter with the benefits of a plane.


Wingcopter 178 Heavy Lift

The Wingcopter 178 Heavy Lift is the stronger brother of the Wingcopter 178. By maximizing the payload potential of the Wingcopter 178, the Wingcopter 178 Heavy Lift offers a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 16 kg (including payload and batteries) with an empty weight of 6 kg. This capacity can be used either for range extension or heavier payloads.


Tilt-Rotor Mechanism

The unique and patented tilt-rotor meachanism ensures a smooth and steady transition between multicopter mode (hovering) and fixed-wing mode (forward flight) within seconds. Therefore, the Wingcopter is more stable and thus more utilizable with its wind resistance of 8 m/s during take-off and landing. During forward flight, even higher gusty winds can be handled at a flight speed of up to 130 km/h. This is enabled by the Wingcopter's compact and dobust design with the wingspan being only 178 cm.


Wingcopter in Action


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In hover mode, the motors are placed in front of as well as behind the wings, whereas during forward flight, the motors are located above and beneath the wings. This unique motor configuration provides maximum stability for the Wingcopter at every tilt angle, even during forward flight, and allows it to reach top speed, cover long distances and stay airborne for a long time.

Wingcopter back

The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) / hybrid aerial system is equipped with a technology that combines a multicopter for vertical take-off and landing and a fixed-wing aircraft for cruising and fast flying over long distances. With the newly invented tilt-rotor mechanism, there is no transition gap between quadrocopter mode and wing mode.

wing K

With its uncompromising lightweight design, the Wingcopter achieves the best weight-to-payload ratio among fixed-wing VTOLs on the market. The Wingcopter is the perfect solution for multipurpose use. With interchangeable nose and belly covers and different battery pack sizes, the Wingcopter can be quickly retooled for several scenarios. This faciliates the customization of power and sensors for all kinds of applications. The Wingcopter can be equipped with sensors according to specific needs.

The unique Wingcopter is suitable for private use as well as for freelancers, companies, organisations and governmental institutions, perfect for crisis management, enviromental protection, inspections, geographical research, geomatics, security, and monitoring. It also serves the film & TV industry and logistical and delivery services.


Technical Details

  • External Dimensions: 178 cm x 132 cm x 52 cm
  • Flight Time: max. 120 minutes (fixed-wing mode)
  • Speed (mulicopter mode): min. 0 km/h; max. 50 km/h
  • Speed (fixed-wing mode): min. 40 km/h; max. 130 km/h
  • Range: 100 km (fixed-wing mode)
  • Rate of Climb: up to 6 m/s
  • Altitude: max. 5,000 m
  • Payload: up to 2,000 g (Wingcopter 178) up to 6,000 g (Wingcopter 178 Heavy Lift)
  • Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW): Wingcopter 178 9.6 kg, Wincopter 178 Haevy Lift 16 kg (including payloads and batteries)
  • Construction: composite (fiberglass and carbon fiber)
  • Remote Control: tablet / ground control + software + radio controller
  • Flight Modes: manual and autonomous 
  • Drive: electric 



Application Range

  • crisis Management
  • Environmental Protection



The Wingcopter 178 Heavy Lift opens up new possibilites for VTOL LiDAR mapping. LiDAR solutions with a weight of 6 kg can scan a stretch of more than 20 km in one flight. Those lighter than 4 kg can even scan 40 km. The Wingcopter 178 carries all different LiDAR solutions below 2 kg over a range of up to 100 km. 

Wingcopter LiDAR



The Wingcopter 178 for mapping comes with different payloads, that can be exchanged modulary. The built-in solution protects the camera and the lens from all environmental conditions and reduces the exposed surface to a minimum while remaining easily accessible below the back cover of the Wingcopter. With the tuned combination of mapping system and battery capacity, more than 80 km can be covered in one single flight. The great range of flight speed and the high resolution of the camera system allow our solution to cover wide areas faster.


Wingcopter mapping



All photogrammetry packages can be extended with a PPK device. The GLAU Geomatics PPK achieves a 3 cm camera center accuracy within a 15 km radius on a local base station. Postprocessing kinematics enable high accuracy even on vast mapping missions far beyond the visual line of sight and dramatically reduce the post processing effort.

WINGCOPTER zoom camera



The package for multi-spectral photogrammetry comes with the MicaSense RedEdge that is placed in the belly of the Wingcopter. The RedEdge's light-weight design allows for more space and payload weight for additional batteries. Thus, a range of 100 km can be covered in one flight. At an altitude of 120 m, the Winchopter 178 can map 1.8 square kilometres within one 2-hour flight at a GSD of 8cm and 70% horizontal and vertical overlap.

Wingcopter multispectral camera



IMG 6888 s IMG 6891 s IMG 6896 s Bildschirmfoto 2016 09 18 um 15.02.14
Wingcopter is almost ready to fly Wingcopter starts to fly as a "normal" wingcopter Then, after reaching certain height... .... it starts to fly as a FixWing drone or airplane
IMG 6907 s  Bildschirmfoto 2016 05 27 um 15.12.59  Crnzeh WgAEeAOf  Download 2
The Wingcopter is landing smoothly      



Some ideas for the possible payload:

Overview Wingcopter 2



Please check out and download the Wingcopter brochure here:Wingcopter